Exsenses Limited

Due to closure of Rock Ya Events we do recommend Exsenses for your unforgettable tailor-made events.

Exsenses Limited stands for an exceptional marketing agency focusing on brand management with sensory experiences. Encompassing all human senses, individual concepts are created, curated and implemented in a highly individual manner. A holisitic approach – ranging from art & music, fashion & design, to aroma and flavour as well as choosing the right products and services – will enable brands, events, to hotels, restaurants and retail companies to reach new levels of excellence. We collaborate with high-end brands from various disciplines on a continual basis and we develop extensive expertise in a wide range of specialist areas. Exsenses uses this know-how to create entirely individual solutions with great finesse and exclusivity. Resonate with your customers on every level using innovative marketing, design and event management. From products launches to overseas brand exposure, your customers will hear you loud and clear.

As a new collaboration the founders Pierre Kruff and Steve Brown, experts in their industry, are combining over 30 years to bring together a wealth of knowledge in events, marketing and branding, providing branded event experiences that go way beyond expectations. They are driven to create the new, to inspire people and to progress with a highly developed pioneering spirit and with an innovative approach. Exsenses Limited represents creativity, innovation, authenticity, experientialism and professionalism. Our unique creations set out to inspire people, to impose them and to make them imagine. By encouraging the simplicity and authenticity, reminiscing on multi-sensory perception besides inspiring, sharing and exerting creativity for innovation, it’s my ambition to bring compelling experiences to companies and individuals alike. We strive to deliver outstanding branded events for your company.

“The perfect event is a combination of all senses. Diversity breeds innovation and creativity, where naturally people with diverse backgrounds will approach tasks and projects differently, allowing out of the box thinking and a more robust approach to risk evaluation and awareness.”