Smoking in Scotland

In Scotland smoking is not allowed in all public buildings and means of transport since March of 2006. That includes also pubs, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, train stations etc. Often you find smoking areas provided by the location. Despite no-smoking rules and horrendous cigarette prices (€9 per package) in Scotland a lot of people smoke. Smokers are well advised to take a stock.

Medical care in Scotland

Across the UK, there are the so-called National Health Service (NHS). The NHS treats tourists from EU countries for free, if they can submit their passport as identification. For larger medical treatments an additional insurance that may organize the return transport, is recommended. We advise a conclusion of such a travel insurance.

Members of the Alpine Association are insured throughout Europe for mountain and hiking accidents. Some credit cards include a travel insurance protection. Find out in advance whether and how you are insured in Scotland. In the Highlands the medical care is not supplied across the area. Doctors or hospitals are often only in bigger towns!

Health in Scotland

The unspoilt state, cleanliness and solitude of the landscape of Scotland is often described as relaxing and healthy. Victorian spa towns in the Highlands, wellness hotels and spiritual communities like Findhorn and Iona have much a health-oriented holiday to offer.